Our governance

Our governance

ecosystem is a non-profit private company (a simplified joint-stock company) owned by 41 companies including manufacturing producers, importers and distributors who are all responsible for placing equipment on the market and managing their end of life.  They all have considerable decision-making autonomy relevant to their activities so as to meet the regulatory objectives.

Composition of ecosystem’s governance


A strong heavily involved governance

A governance including highly autonomous collegial bodies

The main families of equipment that ecosystem has been accredited for are divided into the following categories: 

  • Household WEEE,
  • Lamps,
  • Professional WEEE.

Each category has been organised as a collegial body that enjoys a considerable degree of autonomy regarding the decisions to be taken within sector committees.  A specific sector committee has been set up for minority categories that are not represented by the capital or board of directors (such as small fire extinguishers), as for the three other categories. 

Highly operational sector committees

Sector committees, which are specific for each category, are exclusively composed of producers representing their equipment category.  They develop and implement the strategy that is suitable for their category, and bring valuable input to the board of directors and its committees prior to any decision.

The members of each sector committee are actively involved in the major decisions that are systematically debated. Such decisions shall be taken only after a broad consensus has been reached among the member companies of the sector committee. This guarantees the internal teams are provided with a clear engagement letter and adequate means to implement it, as well as easier relay within the companies themselves.

4 additional transverse committees

Four transverse committees study and analyse the recommendations for the future decisions to be taken by the sector committees and the board of directors:

  • The Audits & Accounts Committee,
  • The Strategy Committee,
  • The Appointment and Remuneration Committee 
  • The Call for Tenders Selection Committee

The strong commitment of producers within ecosystem’s governance

Development - Decision - Validation

2 major guiding principles

Granting producers the highest possible autonomy and decision-making regarding their specific scope of work.
Ensuring consistency, particularly economic balances, whilst avoiding any complete deadlock in decision-making bodies and/or processes.

A proven method

Since the launch of the WEEE and lamps sectors in 2006, a consensus-building policy has been set up with all the players involved including associates, members, collection partners, service providers, organisations and, obviously, Public Authorities, with a view of reaching widely consensual decisions, whenever possible. This co-construction approach with all parties entails intense debates providing the best guarantee for ensuring efficient implementation of the decisions finally taken.

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