ecosystem is exclusively financed through the eco-fee. This is not a tax but the purchaser’s contribution to the financing of their new equipment disposal. This eco-fee is then fully paid to eco-organisations by producers. 

Eco-fees must be visibly passed through to users of lamps and household appliances. This visible mark is not required for professional electrical equipment and small fire extinguishers.

What is the eco-fee used for?

It covers the associated costs of containers and of their transport, and of the recycling of used equipment.  It is also used to inform consumers and professional owners, and to provide the necessary human and technical resources for the effective operation of the sector.

Who decides on its amount?

We fix the amount of the eco-fee, which varies according to the equipment (due to different treatment costs), before submitting it for approval to the Public Authorities.  It is regularly adjusted depending on the evolution of the operating costs in the different sectors.

How is it used?

We are legally bound to use all our resources in order to fulfil our mission relating to equipment collection and recycling. The resources for one year must balance out with the expenses.

What eco-fee for what equipment?

  • tube or LED light bulb = € 0.16 excluding tax
  • fluorescent tube and other light bulbs = € 0.20 excluding tax
  • small fire extinguisher = €1.80 excluding tax
  • household electrical appliances : to access the price scale
  • professional electrical equipment : to access the price scale