Tools to reduce the environmental footprint of your products

Tools to reduce the environmental footprint of your products

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1. Data provided for the environmental analyses of products 

Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) database

ecosystem has developed two databases, unique in Europe, that allow you to quantify the environmental impacts and benefits of:

  1. The end-of-life management of your electrical and electronic equipement
  2. The production of plastics recycled from waste electrical and electronic equipement (WEEE).

These two databases will support you with your design choices and plans to integrate recycled plastics into your products.

2. Good design practices in preparation for end-of-life

Equipment’s end of life and ecodesign recommandations

ecosystem provides you with good design practices sheets based on our expertise on equipment’s end of life. These documents summarise, by equipment category, the generic concepts to consider when developing an ecodesigned product.
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3. REEECYC’LAB, our simulator to improve the recyclability of your electrical equipment

Simulator to improve the recyclability of your products

REEECYC’LAB is an educational simulator developed specifically by ecosystem for its members in order to understand, assess and improve the recyclability of new products.
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4. Integrating recycled materials into new products

Image of steps to integrate recycled materials and ecosystem support

We support you in initiating or developing projects to integrate materials from the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

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Understanding eco-modulation
Understanding eco-modulation

The amount of the eco-fee includes the ecodesign of products