Ecodesign and the approach of ecosystem

Ecodesign and the approach of ecosystem

ecosystem guides its members who wish to offer ecodesigned products.  For what purpose ?  To prevent the impacts of a product’s end of life as from the development and supply phases.  This approach is an important lever for waste prevention, natural resources conservation and the reduction of recycling’s environmental impact.

What is ecodesign for ecosystem?

The ecodesign of a product involves manufacturing it with the aim of improving its environmental performance throughout its whole life cycle. ecosystem assists you in addressing all issues related to a stage or the end of life, in order to anticipate materials, substances and assembly choices when designing a product, and thus improve the quality of recycling. Integrating material from recycled equipment into new products is part of this virtuous approach.

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ecosystem assists you 

Through daily contact with recycling providers, ecosystem has a detailed knowledge of the decontamination and treatment processes required for recycling, as well as the equipment parts (components, materials…) that interfere with them.
ecosystem assists you in implementing your ecodesign approach :

  • We develop and provide environmental data on the WEEE treatment sector, which ensures a reliable measure of the environmental impacts and benefits related to this stage of the life cycle.
  • We advise you on the choices regarding design and assembly, and provide various options that encourage waste prevention, as soon as possible.
  • We use our expertise to address the issues related to equipment sourcing and supply, for both materials and components, in order to facilitate their management at the end of their life cycle. 
  • We assist you in integrating recycled materials from electrical equipment recycling into new products. To that end, we take into account your technical needs and promote the production of quality recycled materials.
  • We assist you in building your prevention and ecodesign plan. To that end, we created a specific template already available on your ecosystem portal and to know even more, follow the guide!
    You can also get some inspiration from the 4 syntheses consolidated by ecosystem on the basis of the plans collected so far: